Zang Toi annual holiday sample sale

Zang Toi annual holiday sample sale kicked off December 7th, 2016. At the prestigious fashion designer
Zang Toi Atelier on 18 East 48th Street, Suite 2000, in New York kicked off his holiday sample sale from most of the inventory was ready-to-wear and luxurious dresses save for three racks of gorgeous gowns and gloves on displays, by delicious black leggings, where running along the back of the sale’s venue.

Zang Toi gas huge heart for everyone as his best friend and supermodel Georgy’s charity foundation and author of her new book “The Water Princess” Toi supported her charity cause, while each book cost $17.50. All books were sold out, not only that but Papyrus fashnable cards also toke cheapest price from $9 and till $20.

Just walking to Zang’s atelier was like in the movies, the interior  of walls covered with mirrors, custom designed luxurious chairs and his logo of Kindom in French style embossed outsite view pointed to Waldorf Hotel Astoria and near by Grand Central, such amazing location, more over inside jaw dropping.

His market for a elegant dresses were from $1,000 or red carpet-esque gown above $1,500 and good price was to find the shirt for casual wear just for $70. His signature embroidered styles and that necklaces from last season sparkling and begging to be packed for your next gala event, or perfect for New Years Eve.

It was family friends and cienr of Toi’s sho showed a support and we we also invited of sneak peek into behind the scenes.

As for the ready-to-wear options, cocktail dresses hovered around $399; shrugs, $300; sequin blazers, $700; skirts, $400; and blouses and tank around $150. The flows fur was decadent and obviously pricey. A navy black with silk jacket, and one with super robotic detail, it was only $1.200 not bad for peace of urban design and recently season of Toi’s new collection SS17.

For more details, click here to check out report link of official www.zangtoi.com #zangtoi

Zang Toi/#bmodelmag

Zang Toi/#bmodelmag

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