Rihanna “Listening to ANTI,”

Long-awaited album Anti by Riri, toke long time, since last year she disapeared from the media eyes, drop down but not forgotten her precious valuable.

Today Riri has most important treasure, tweeting out a selfie captioned “Listening to ANTI,” the singer put on her best steely cat-eyed stare as she donned a pair of gilded, and new creativity by crystal-encrusted Dolce & Gabbana headphones.

D&G headphones actual price tag of nearly $9,000 the opulent tech accessory resembled the very headpiece Rihanna wears in the cover art for her eighth album.

So may be her album release of Anti finally be near by, her fans will get back on track.

Riri has fashion-forward and tech-friendly trend now. However, once RiRi’s album does finally drop, your headphones are most likely to become the crown jewel of your accessories.

After all Rihanna has approved her new headphones to be sell in most cheapest price for her fans, she keep long-waiting for her record release, whenever that might actually happen, but she is smart doing it right.
riri courtesy pic

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