Mikhail Prokhorov promise to get marry

The owner of the New Jersey Brooklyn Bets, Mikhail Prokhorov, made a bet, if Brooklyn didn’t win the championship, he will marry. He remains one of Russia’s most prominent bachelors.

The Nets’ owner promised he’d get married if the Nets didn’t win a title in five years. Five years have passed … and Prokhorov still isn’t getting married. “Remember my promise to get married if we didn’t win a championship within five years. Sadly to say, five years have passed, and today I am very happy to say that NBA commissioner Adam Silver has agreed to take the plunge in my place. Adam, you are much better man than me. Thank you very much, and I wish you and your new bride every happiness.

The Nets tried hard to win a title early in Prokhorov’s ownership of the team, adding expensive players like Deron Williams, Joe Johnson,  Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to end up with the highest single-season payroll. Prokhorov rescinds one of the most wanted Bachelor in Russia “title or marriage.”

Prokhorov early age, Prokhorov’s parents weren’t particularly rich, they were sharp. His mother was the head of a polymer research department at the Moscow Chemicals Institute, and his father also ran a lab. He finished and graduated college in 1989.

The other wild site, is he knows how to throw a party. During the Christmas party for his fellow Russian plutocrats at his chalet in the ski resort Courchevel. This wasn’t the normal sort of “Turn down your loud music!” complaint for the cops, though. Police arrested Prokhorov on suspicion of flying prostitutes in from Moscow to service his guests

Net estimate over $9 billion, 44-years-old, likes to bet. He married unknown women, just a week later he divorced her.  Mikhail likes youngest women, and he enjoying his happy life. Not long time ago, has spread news has dated Naomi Campbell. Plenty women desired to be the one, at the fuss in the European press, Prokhorov’s birthday passed without a wedding, and the real secret behind Prokhorov’s love life remains a mystery.

He loves Spots, fanatic even equivalent of Marc Cuban,  ladies Prokhorov is extremely tall—estimates range from 6’6″ to 6’9″ used to played basketball in his youth. He already owns a piece of CSKA Moscow, one of the top hoops teams in Europe.







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