Met Gala 2016

This year Met Gala Ball, made huge impact like each year, but an Age of Technology brought up best dressed look Claire Danes took the cake.

Designed by Zac Posen, description for the dress; the fiber optic woven organza in this dress from France, and there are 30 mini battery packs sewn into the gown’s understructure, according to FastCo.

The Met Gala is held annually for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum Of Art’s Costume (Fashion) Institute in New York City, the only department that has to fund itself. The invitation-only black-tie event is held on the first Monday in May, with tickets this year.IMG_20160502_233220 claire-danes-cinderella-glowing-dress-gown-met-gala-zac-posen-13

Best Dressed were Claire Danes and Taylor Swift in my opinion.

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