Karl Lagerfeld set up, Chanel’s Spring 2016 show

Karl Lagerfeld we know his style as he set up few shows, in live objects, like the supermarket show, and now he set up sights on the sky for Chanel’s Spring 2016 show.

How impresive staged Chanel in themed airport terminal.

The eye-catching of airplane motif  the first look walked with Edie Campbell opened the show in a multicolored tweed jumpsuit with silver sandals and a silvery headband, toting a black Chanel rolling suitcase and carryall.

Karl set the clothing and accessories, with one dress patterned like an arrivals board, and a sweater and pair of knit pants  in a repeating airplane intarsia.

His dominant colors were red, white, and blue airplane pins that adorned some looks will make it possible for any ensemble to be ready for travel from the Chanel terminal.

Many looks featured backward baseball caps, models hair was worn with several headbands and pulled back into two low pigtails at the nape of the neck, and makeup urban onto eyes like wearing glasess.

Chanel credit

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