Jeremy Scott’s signature made life-size paper dolls

Back to future of Jeremy Scott toke place with Moschino for Spring 2017.

Jeremy Scott’s now signature made life-size paper dolls embodied by the likes of Gigi and Bella Hadid, Stella Maxwell, Irina Shayk, and Romee Stridj.

Scott gives new meaning to the term “capsule collection,” inviting guests to the show with pill bottles prescribed by Dr. Moschino. That motif transferred over only into a capsule-printed sweatshirt on Gigi and a few pill-studded clutches,  the paper dolls models, looking like ’70s pin-up girls, donned cardboard cut-out accessories like chain belts, pearl earrings, and necklaces. Polka-dot bathing suits were coupled with paper cameras and hats with folding white tabs.

Moschino’s logo-laden black body-con dress was printed on a boxy oversize white t-shirt and Anna Cleveland sported a play on Franco Moschino’s signature trenchcoat in a half-white, half-black version of it with 2-D buttons and folding tabs.

Gigi Hadid opened in a white gown (perhaps long t-shirt) with the printed body of a woman in black lingerie. The ensemble was evocative of the kitschy souvenir tees found on beach boardwalks or amusement parks the epitome of high meeting low, which was fittingly manifested in the show’s soundtrack. As models walked the runway a French voice-over claimed to “want something less expensive” or “J’aimerais quelque chose de moins cher.” Scott, does, after all, proclaim to be the “People’s Designer.

Bella Hadid Moschino/ getty image

Bella Hadid Moschino/ getty image

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