Happy Birthday Tony Richardson

Former NFL star Tony Richardson, Modell’s in partnership with NY Jets, hosted an Birthday event December 16, 2016, 5-7pm.ET.

Football legend is turning 45 on Saturday and NY Jets turned up a great event with Modell’s, meet and great the player. It was a great atmosphere, only that day was super cold, luckily lots of fans showed up in support and wish a Happy Birthday to ‘Tony Richardson’ along with two beautiful cheerleaders.

On the interview with Richardson at the Modell’s sporting goods store, has no any plans to settle down to have wife and kids, like many others athletes. Apparently dating occasion girlfriend, and rumors told has been long time with her. He seems opened up to date with other race and that is great combination, as most European’s are mixed race, however on that topic Richardson is very protective, but he gave us all the inside scoop about the footballer’s intention of single life and enjoying, working with the club during games and that helps him for retirement benefits.

Richardson, said is always been very busy with his career. His fans and media were so busy watching him create magic on the field that we did not care much about his personal life. And now, it seems after a very long time, the veteran athlete is finally thinking about getting quite and relaxed life out of busy environment for once, spending holiday in Long Island, NY where currently resides, he won’t go anywhere else but New York that is his plan.

He claims to work out twice a day, eating healthy, and as he mentioned Who doesn’t eat junk food! He asked me, Do you!? Well, that is true, my concern was how he stays younger and longer and how is to be turning 45! The reality of age doesn’t matter, been positive and happy reborn again.

His father, sergeant was stationed in Germany when Tony was born, and he grew up the first eight years of his life in Germany. His family lived in Daleville, Alabama, where Tony attended Auburn University, where hestarted most of his four seasons as a fullback for the team, accumulating 162 carries for 715 yards and ninetouchdowns.

He earned Bachelor of Education degree in 2000, and later got his MBA from Webster University in 2004.

Richardson is very involved with local charities. He hosts the Kansas City chapter of the annual Special Olympics Punt, Pass & Kick competition, and has served as chairman of many charitable organizations and fundraisers. Inspiration came by Elliot Costelo, to polish nails with two colors: Black & Green one finger in both hands. #polishedman campaign is to stop violence against 1 in 5 children who are victims afected globaly. Check there’s website for more details: Polishedman.com

In 2002, he was nominated by his team for the NFL Man of the Year award. Richardson is also a member of the NFLPA executive committee.

Tony Richardson/HBD/NYJets/Modell’s /credit #nbamak

Back to back to back. Nailed it.

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