Filip Pogady exclusive interview

Exclusive interview with real talent Filip Pogady Slovakian-American best known Violinist and a Supermodel!

Day schedule….   I’m a person of routines. I wake up around 9am, breakfast, I take care of emails with my coffee in the morning. After that I practice the violin for a couple hours. In the afternoon I usually go for a run or to the gym. Then more practicing In the evening. Pretty much always the same. I like it because it gives me a sense of order and accomplishment. The daily goal is to get better at what I do. It doesn’t ever feel like work to me – those are the days I enjoy the most.

Music or Modeling….  Violin/music will always be and always has been my number 1 priority. Modeling is a great experience and I have met many great people through the fashion industry. But the violin is what ultimately makes me happy.

Practice….  Of course, depends on my schedule, but I try to practice at least 2 hours a day. That can easily turn into 8 hours, though, especially if there is a big concert coming up.

Take to next level….  I have done some arranging and some composing, but that was more less an exercise just to see if I can do it. I do not consider myself a composer.

Life Goals….. When I feel that I sound my best, I play with performers that I enjoy playing with and there is an attentive audience, any performance becomes my favorite performance. Doesn’t matter if it’s in a big concert hall or at a local bar.

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