Ben Gordon

Benjamin Ashenafi “Ben Gordon is a British-American professional basketball player who spent over 8-years in the National Basketball Association.

Gordon, in his early career he played college basketball for the University of Connecticut and won a national championship with them.

The Official Ben Gordon account on social media appears like BG8, but we also considering of the net worth and salary figures been on the top of the list as of NBA most over rated players.

Gordon inspire many young kids, as he attending to his Baptist community church in Detroit.

Ben feel British from his mom site, and relatives left over there. Gordon has build up massive house, include gym and own court to practice, along with his new born son Elliah. Gordon has big passion for shoes and fashion, has own personal stylist to get well dressed in his boutique in Mitchigan.

Gordon it’s easy going person, during his Orlando Magic team, his best teammate was Tobias Harris.

At the Golden State Warriors training camp, they waived Ben Gordon, who has appeared in two pre-seasom games with the Warriors avraging 1.0points and 1.0 assists in 8.3minutes.

Gordon establish big name behind, numbers, scores and the Fashion Icon.

Ben Gordon and Tobi

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