Official account of National Balkan’s Media, we are the first established united media that we support equally talents all over the world.

We are non-profit magazine and media company from New York city. Our mission is to feature #RealTalents,  breaking news deducted to curate, coverage and deliver the footage via accreditation.

The CEO:

Meet and great our CEO a celeb Artist known Balkan’s professional artist and top notch journalist, in one article was described as the “sexiest female journalist TC Artist.”

TC Artist is stage artistic name of I.A. her life is dedicated to be prominent figure from early age, a natural born talent with artistic family background.

TC, with 30+years of talent worldwide, exhibitions and broadcated Radio, TV shows since early 90’s. From fashion designer and beauty editor, decided to support sports feed, a former college basketball player, started to covering NBA, in same time she was continued working with Fashion.  The Soccer is a European game everyone knows how to play and watch, she was her asked to cover, and that is all how started to be big asset and made huge impact for the fans of New York city, the fans were adopted soccer culture and thanks for our coverage. Others sports are welcomed such WNBA, MLB, Tennis, etc.

We are first female high-demand non-profit media in city and our ideas are real and unique by our Talented Artist. Your support is very important and we are thankful for your time. Love N♡M

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